Expenses Renters Don’t Pay, But Homeowners Have to

Expenses Renters Don’t Pay, But Homeowners Have to

Are you considering becoming a homeowner instead of paying rent to a landlord every month? Before you make the leap, you have to figure out if you can afford to be a homeowner. Besides paying a mortgage, you will have some other expenses as a homeowner that you’re not used to if you’ve only been a renter. When you calculate whether you’re ready to buy a home, don’t forget to include these homeowner expenses:

Property taxes.

Unlike renters, homeowners are responsible for paying property tax on any property they own. In 2015, the average cost of property tax was $2,132, but the price that you will have to pay will vary depending on where you live, the value of your home and the size of your home. The property tax for each home will change slightly every year, but to get an idea of how much you will have to pay, ask your agent to look up how much the taxes were over the last few years. You won’t pay this exact amount, but it won’t fluctuate too much.

HOA fees.

As a renter, you are not responsible for paying fees to the homeowners’ association, but as a homeowner, you have to take on this additional expense if you live in a HOA community. The fees you owe will vary greatly depending on what type of community you live in, but they typically fall somewhere between $200-400 a month. If the HOA fees are quarterly, expect a larger payment every 3 months. Talk to your agent about whether or not the community you’re looking at has a HOA, and if so, how much it will set you back every month.


If your roof starts to leak or refrigerator breaks in a rental, all you have to do is call the landlord to have it replaced or repaired. However, if you are a homeowner, the only person you have to call is a repairman to come out and fix it—on your dime! It’s hard to estimate how much you should set aside for maintenance every month, after all, it seems that things tend to break when you least expect it. But, it’s important that you put some money aside to account for unexpected repairs so you don’t have to scramble for the cash when the time comes.


Renters typically pay electric and cable, but are not responsible for water or other utilities that homeowners have to pay. Plus, you will probably live in a larger space as a homeowner than you did as a renter, meaning your electric bill will increase slightly. Before you buy a home, talk to the current owner to determine how much they pay every month to get an idea of whether or not you can afford it.

Now that you know if you’re financially ready to buy, it’s time to find the home of your dreams. Contact our team of real estate experts at Coast 2 Coast Realty who have years of experience helping buyers and renters find their dream homes in the Tampa area.

Fort Myers Real Estate Market

The Florida lodging business sector was one of the hardest hit amid the past subsidence. However notwithstanding having confronted critical headwinds, the entire of the Sunshine State shows up prepared to make expansive steps in 2015. At the cutting edge of the Florida, business sector is a city that numerous most likely wouldn’t suspect: Fort Myers. The Fort Myers Real Estate Market is keeping pace with if not player then, its more prevalent partner Miami, which is stating a great deal – considering Miami is a worldwide center point for specialist financial action. Notwithstanding, Fort Myers keeps on hinting at solid development, and 2015 ought not to be a special case.

The Fort Myers Real Estate Market has a present middle home cost of $190,000. That is simply over $18,000 not exactly the national normal. Be that as it may, specifically noteworthy is the late rate of thankfulness displayed in the territory. Through the span of a year, Fort Myers land has profited from a gratefulness rate of 12.4 percent. At that rate, neighborhood stock is acknowledging more than twice as quick as the national normal. For you to take it further, Fort Myers homes have seen a noteworthy 75.9 percent thankfulness rate in the previous three years.

Fortification Myers Real Estate Market Statistics

Property holders in the Fort Myers Real Estate Market saw a considerable measure of value come back to the territory. Truth be told, proprietors in the region can at long last inhale, which has advanced additionally lodging action. The accompanying highlights the amount of value has been increased on the year of the home’s buy:

  • Homes bought in the Fort Myers lodging market one year back have acknowledged, overall, by $23,577. The National normal was $14,170 over the same time frame.
  • Homes obtained in the Fort Myers lodging market three years back have acknowledged, overall, by $87,404. The National normal was $53,857 over the same time frame.
  • Homes bought in the Fort Myers lodging market five years prior have acknowledged, all things considered, by $106,726. The National normal was $48,036 over the same time frame.
  • Homes bought in the Fort Myers lodging market seven years prior have devalued, all things considered, by $14,482. The National normal expanded $13,870 over the same time frame.
  • Homes obtained in the Fort Myers lodging market nine years back have devalued, by and large, by $65,897. The National normal additionally diminished $2,822 over the same time frame.

The Fort Myers Real Estate Market has gotten a considerable measure of assistance from the neighborhood economy. Likewise, the area’s employment division keeps on supporting both free market activity. Fortification Myers’ unemployment rate as of now sits at 5 percent. It is lower than the national normal and 0.7 percent superior to the earlier year. Indeed, job numbers are in an upward pattern, as the whole State of Florida has made moves to fortify its economy. Post Myers is the recipient of statewide activities to build a business.

A fort economy has allowed the Fort Myers range to center endeavors on new housing development. Single-family lodging grants, specifically, have seen a sensational increment. Through the span of a year, grants to manufacture single-family homes expanded more than 23 percent. Towards the end of a year ago, a new development in Fort Myers even surpassed perpetual markets in California. As an examination, the National normal was a little more than 1 percent. The move recommends that nearby stock has at last settled.

The Fort Myers Real Estate Market keeps on staying reasonable – even notwithstanding high gratefulness rates. Truth be told, Fort Myers is more moderate than generally U.S. markets. Where property holders in the Fort Myers range spend under 10 percent of their salary on month to month contract installments, whatever is left of the nation spends more than 15 percent on individual premiums.

Moderateness inside the Fort Myers Real Estate Market has been instrumental in keeping up unfaltering development. In like manner, lower costs and a promising occupation division are more than alluring to more youthful Americans. Millennials, specifically, have observed Fort Myers to be an alluring area. One-fourth of the whole Cape Coral-Fort Myers market, around 250,000 individuals, is comprised of millennials. That is to say – the city of Fort Myers is moderately youthful when contrasted with whatever remains of the state. The middle age in Fort Myers is right now 37.6, so it does not shock anyone that more millennials are obtaining homes in this specific territory.

The Four Main Benefits of Hiring a Local Housing Solicitor

Whether you are a landlord, tenant, or leaseholder, there is sure to come a time in your life where you will need to hire a housing solicitor to guide you through a legal matter. In these instances, it is important that you do the necessary research to find a solicitor in your area that has the expertise to assist you in the most effective way possible.

When making this decision, it is highly recommended that you go with a solicitor that is local. Here are some of the main reasons for doing so:

They Have Local Knowledge

The greatest benefit of choosing a local housing solicitor is the fact that they will almost always have a strong knowledge of your area. This gives them a unique understanding of the housing laws of your area and will generally also mean that they have a strong network of professionals that can help you with your case.

Ability to Meet One-on-One

Another major advantage of working with a local solicitor is that you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one. Communicating and discussing issues related to your case can be difficult when it is done solely over the phone. This can lead to miscommunications that can have a significant impact on the results of your case.

By going with housing solicitors in London, you can discuss all of the details related to your case and present the necessary documents while you are face-to-face. This can help prevent issues related to miscommunication and raises the likelihood of the result of your case being a successful one.

Helps Ensure Deadlines Are Met

When it comes to legal matters, it is absolutely imperative that documents and paperwork are taken care of on time, every time. This can become an issue when your solicitor is not located near you, as it will generally require that you send paperwork back and forth during the process.

Even if deadlines are not an issue, the fact that a local solicitor can reduce transaction times is a major advantage as it can decrease the length of your proceedings. This can help ensure that your case is resolved in the fastest manner possible, which is generally the goal of every party involved.

Easier to Check On Their Reliability and Reputation

Along with the benefits listed above, deciding to work with a local housing solicitor also makes it easier to check on their reliability and reputation. Finding a reliable local solicitor is as easy as asking friends or family members whom they would recommend.

Even if you are unable to find someone you trust to recommend a particular professional for the job, you should not have a problem checking up on solicitors in your area. Checking review sites, asking people you work with, or even taking a look at the website of the solicitors that you are considering can all be quick and easy ways to check on reliability and reputation.

Fully Guided Property Selling and Purchasing

Business related to property such as house and its surrounding is very tricky. There are so many tips and tricks related to property ownership, and there is nothing better than Realtors Westerville Ohio. To put it in very simple term, realtors are agents that deal with property selling and purchasing. They usually will not sell a property by themselves. Instead, they accommodate people who want to do so. The service is somehow promising because of complexity of purchasing and selling strategy. Utilizing their service, it is fairly easy to get the most logical and justified deal. It will be beneficial for seller or buyer of a property.


This kind of service can be utilized for both parties. However, it is rare to find buyer and seller from one property using same realtors. Instead, it will be assisted from different realtors. The services for both parties are quite different. Services for buyer are focused on searching the most suitable property depending on the condition of the buyer. There are some criteria that should be completed before finding out the most suitable one. Some of those criteria are price, number of bedroom, number of bathroom, and other physical condition of the property. Indeed, there are some other elements that are usually asked. Depending on the realtors, the information required can be less or more.


For seller, the service is focused on valuating the house. There is a common mistake that people do when selling a house, and it is related to the price. People who ask either too expensive or too cheap will not get benefit. It happens because they do not exactly know the real price of the property. Realtors are great source for knowing the real price of the property because they will evaluate the house thoroughly. This way, selling a house will be so much easier and there is no regret afterward.

How to Sell and Buy Real Estate that gives us Advantages?

Everybody wants a place to live in that has good ambience and amenities inside. A house with good surroundings will make the people get so comfortable to be there. That is what the people are pursuing for so it is no wonder that so many developers try to give the best in building a residence for the people with all the good amenities inside. The one that should be trusted is real estate Toms River. Here, you can’t find any other convenient settlement for you and your family. This is a good place to live that make you want to live there so much.

In addition, a house is not only for living but also to as the media for investment as the property is getting increased from year to year. Therefore, it will be good if you select the area that has high investment value so that you can take the advantage from such kind of things. In Toms River, it is the answer of your question related to the promising investment that you can spend for. The place is very strategic which is intentionally built in the middle of the commercial area so it is no wonder if it has good investment value.

In searching home that suit to your desire, you will have some consideration in selecting the best one. It will be better if you have a consultation with the Toms River as it will solve your problem in finding the best place to live and have good investment value. It is not only for those who are looking for good residence. Those who are going to sell a house can also have a consultation as you can have good deal that will make you have the advantage from it. Hence, just come to Toms River to buy and sell the real estate.